AirAsia’s Captain Sahar

Saturday, 20 August 2016. I consider myself very lucky that day, meeting two men with great personality.
I booked a taxi KLIA2 online to catch my afternoon low-cost flight to Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia. My order was taken by Indra Tamrin, a cheerful man who shared his simple but inspiring life story throughout the ride. Click here if you want to be inspired too kabacarito: Uda Tamrin: potret nyata diaspora Indonesia.  Upss, it’s in Bahasa Indonesia, for those who do not speak Bahasa Indonesia, google translate might help. Otherwise, if you even get more confused, I may have to happily tell the story myself to you.

Remember Captain Sahar, an Air Asia Pilot with hillarious passenger announcements? I wrote a story about him in this blog last year. Click here for full story kabacarito: Captain Sahar: AirAsia’s Pilot with Engaging Flight Announcement.  Captain Sahar has been viral as some passengers uploaded story about him or voice recording of his entertaining flight announcement to social media.

You know what, once again, he is a captain of my flight today, AK405. He started first announcement prior to take-off by reciting two verses from Quran (Surah Az-Zukhruf 43: 13-14) that normally recited as a prayer before a Muslim begin his/her travel. It’s like a dejavu, I was very confident that I knew whose voice that is. Confidence that was then confirmed not long after when he mentioned his name during the announcement.

Captain Sahar said he will be in-charge on take-off, after which control will be handed over to First Officer Shane and he will switch to be tour guide for all passengers on board.

He fulfilled his promise.  During such a brief 50 minutes in the air, he made five announcements, mainly telling us about places or cities that we were flying above and made passengers busy looking outside through left and right windows.  As aisle is my favorite seat, I had no chance, all windows blocked by those on window seats.

I managed to record four announcements out of five. Not to worry, you won’t lose too much from the last one, made few minutes before touched down at Minangkabau International Airport and my mobile had been turned off by then as requested by flight attendants. Here there are all four recordings, hope you enjoy them.

Announcement #4: https://soundcloud.com/delil-khairat/capt-sahar-4-ak405?in=delil-khairat/sets/airasia-captain-sahar

The best part was I managed to capture his picture, with me in the same frame. I sat at row 25 and rear door is actually the nearest exit. But, I walked toward front door as I knew that he always stand near front exit to greet leaving passengers. A ground staff is kind enough to take our picture. I thanked Captain Sahar for his hillarious announcement.




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