The Conspiracy Theory of Insurance

My uber driver to airport this morning was a super talkative 64 year-old Chinese Malaysian fellow by the name of Jay.  He suddenly got excited when I told him that I am flying to Bali for an insurance conference.  Just like other conversation with  new acquaintance, I spent next five minutes at least explaining him what kind of animal reinsurance is.  Most people know insurance, but hardly heard reinsurance.

He is no doubt a hardliner conspiracy theory devotee.  He strongly believes nothing in this f***ing World happen by accident.  Yes, Jay uses a lot of F words šŸ™‚

Everything happens by design, although it looks like an accident.  There is always someone out there making money out of all disaster, war or crisis.  Most of the time, they are American and their capitalist cronies, Jay said.

The thing is Jay has rather extreme views on insurance.  He ironically ‘praised’ insurance as a bunch of too smart people who making you buy their products while ‘squeezing your ball’.  Jay explained how it works.  First, American will send a dumb ISIS teen terrorist to a random place in the globe, blowing himself up.  Everywhere security get tighthen.  You enter airport naked as you take everything attached to your body off and place them in a tray. People get anxious and buy all kind of insurance, anticipating something bad happen to them.  The bigger your fear, the deeper you dig your pocket.

Things may get really worse and war broke.  People kill each other using weapons sold by American. Thousands people die, but they won’t get any penny.  Insurance excludes war.  Insurance guy just sit back and relax for a while, enjoying money collected before the war.

When war finally ends as the fighters running out of bullets, capitalist cronies arrive and ‘rebuild’ the country.  Insurance guys follow them, start all over again, collecting other money.

When insurance guy get bored, he asked his friend American send another dumb ISIS to other random place, sell gun and bullet, rebuild the rubble and they do the same thing, ‘squeezing others balls’.

In a nutshell, Jay’s trying to say that insurance is right at the centre of his conspiracy theory.

Any thought, anyone?

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