Covid and kopitiam

Last time I visited this famous kopitiam for a quick breakfast, may be 3-4 months ago, they did it in old-fashioned way still. You will find a huge-colourful-expensively-printed menu book together with order slip and a black pencil. You flipped the book pages around, pick dishes or beverages you wanted and pencil their codes on the slip. You then looked around while waving hand, a random staff will notice and collect your slip.

This morning, the massive menu book, order slips and pencil are all gone. All you need to do is scanning the barcode, virtual menu book (still with nice pictures) pop up and you place order online. Then wait.

You may say this is no more too special with today digital technology. I looked from slightly different angle, how bloody Covid, once again successfully put pressure on us to change. If no covid, no such inconvenient human interaction protocol, this kopitiam may still keep status-quo. More Sumatera and Kalimantan trees will be cut and we all complain about flood come more often and more severe to our neighbourhood.

Do we human being always need such external pressure to force us to change, even for our own betterment?

Wait… another thing changed at this outlet I noticed. It’s just been refurbished, looks flashy and fancier, more spacious as more distance between tables.

And, less staffs around.

KL – 7 May 2022

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