About Us

http://www.dkhairat.com is dedicated to risk, insurance and Islamic finance.  Well, there is one section called “Kabacarito” though, for all articles or stories outside those topics.

Related articles, opinions, discussions, podcast and videos are uploaded from time to time.

The website has four main sections, namely “Mengerti Asuransi”,  “Understanding Insurance, “Riskonomics”, “Kabacarito” and “dkhairatTV”.

“Mengerti Asuransi” targets Indonesian public who want know more about and upgrade their knowledge on risk and insurance.  All materials are delivered in simple day-to-day Bahasa Indonesia.  We may not be able to avoid using certain terminologies, but rest assured they will be properly defined or explained in simple language.  This section is inspired by the fact that Indonesia remains amongst countries with lowest insurance penetration globally.  One reason is due to lack of understanding on risk and insurance.  We are determined to contribute in educating public.

“Understanding Insurance’ is English version of “Mengerti Asuransi” to reach out wider audience spectrum beyond Indonesians.

“Riskonomics” section is aimed for those who have strong interest on risk, insurance and Islamic finance.  They could be students, academias, professionals and other members of public. Contents are expected to be more advanced, delivered in either Bahasa Indonesia or English.

“Kabacarito” contains story or write up about childhood and everything else, most have nothing to do with risk or Islamic finance.

“dkhairatTV contains videos of various topics.

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