Understanding Insurance

5. Risk Management and Insurance

The previous four articles in the series of Understanding Insurance have laid a basic understanding of risk. Article number one, What is risk?, is defining risks and making arguments about the conservation of risk. The second article, Categorizing risks, sorts risks out into four categories based on a combination of frequency and severity. Several actions… Continue reading 5. Risk Management and Insurance

Understanding Insurance

1. What is risk?

We use the word "risk" in everyday conversations. "I don't want to fly with **** air anymore, it's too risky", "I just pay, the risk is low", "What is the risk of not doing this procedure, Doc?", etc. But, what is risk actually? From above sample expressions, we can see that the word risk is… Continue reading 1. What is risk?


Four eyes principle

Bagi yang berkarir diindustri asuransi, terutama underwriter, tentulah sangat familiar dengan istilah ini, four eyes principle. Underwriter adalah seseorang yang menganalisa sebuah risiko lalu mengambil keputusan apakah akan mengambil risiko tersebut atau tidak. Ia pula yang menetapkan, bila keputusannya adalah mengambil risiko itu, terms and conditions (syarat dan ketentuan) untuk pertanggungan tersebut. Syarat dan ketentuan… Continue reading Four eyes principle